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Pancakes Storytime

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Pancakes Storytime



If you give a pig a pancake by Laura Numeroff

Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle (1990)

Curious George makes pancakes by H.A. Rey



Take a paper plate and glue a brown piece of string to the inside of the plate in a circle to make it look like a "pancake". Have the children decorate the plate and their "pancake".


craft #2

Cut out cardboard circles roughly the shape of a pancake and have the children decorate them. Give each child a paper plate and have them hold the paper plate with both hands and try to gently flip over their pancake while holding the plate (caution, some children will try to throw their pancake as high in the air as they can - so the key word here is gently!) I made smiley faces on cardboard "pancakes" so they looked more like a pancake to me.


Snack: make mini pancakes from a mix (I made them the size of a silver dollar so I could fit three inside a 3 oz paper cup) - put them in a cup and add a dab of syrup. Make sure you have plenty of baby wipes on hand for wiping sticky fingers and faces afterward.



Mr. Pancake Man

Cut out various farm animals (I printed out clipart and glued them to flannel backs). Cut out a big brown pancake from flannel and give it a face.

Hand out the different farm animals to the children

I told the story similar to the gingerbread man:

Once upon a time a family was sitting down to eat breakfast. Daddy had just poured the first big pancake into the skillet when up it jumped and it cried, "You can't catch me, I'm the pancake man I am I am!" And up Mr. Pancake man jumped out of the skillet and ran out the front door.

As he was running down the road, he came upon __________________(fill in here with the different animals) and the ______________(animal) said, "yummy! a pancake I love pancakes, I want to eat you up!" But Mr. Pancake man cried out, "You can't catch me, I'm the pancake man I am I am" and he ran away from the ________(animal). Keep going until all the animals are up on the flannel board and then finally the Mr. Pancake man keeps running until he gets to the edge of a lake. What do you think Mr. Pancake man does? Well, he jumps in the water, that's what he does! And he says, " You can't catch me, I'm the pancake man, blub, blub, blub". And that was the end of the pancake man. The end!





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