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Favorite Crafts for Storytime

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Favorite Quick & Easy Crafts for Storytime


Froot Loop Necklace:

Put multi-colored "O" breakfast cereal into small cups. Cut pieces of yarn about three time the length of a child's wrist. Put a piece of tape around one end of the yarn to make it easier for threading. Give the children the cup of cereal and yarn and show them how to thread the cereal onto the yarn, creating bracelets for the children to wear or eat.



Cut 8 1/2" by 11" sheets of cardstock in half to make 5 1/2'x4 1/4' pieces of paper. Tape them together to each form a circular tube - this is the main body of the windsock. cut out an assortment of colored tissue paper in long rectangular strips. These will be the windsock "tails". punch two holes in the top of the windsock and attach a piece of yarn for the child to use as a handle. Have the children glue the tissue paper to the bottom of the windsock and color the windsock with markers. Take home and enjoy!


Ugli Fruit

Cut out the shape of a piece of fruit from cardstock. Have the child color their fruit, then add glue using a glue stick. When they are ready, place the piece of fruit in a large brown paper bag with small pieces of tissue paper. Shake until the piece of fruit is coated with pieces of tissue paper. (Make sure you keep the top tightly closed while shaking). Take out the child's :"Ugli" fruit!



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