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Wind Storytime

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Wind Storytime



Make a windsock

Using cardstock cut and tape it to roughly the size of a toilet paper tube (or use half a sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock for larger windsocks) punch two holes at the top of the windsock tube on opposite sides. String yarn through the holes and tie at top. Have children glue on streamers or tissue paper strips in different colors to create their one of a kind windsocks. Children may also color the windsock tube with markers or crayons if desired.

Supplies needed:

Cardstock or toilet paper tubes

tissue paper

Hole punch

glue sticks




Where does the wind blow? by Cindy Rink (2002)

Love songs of the little bear - poetry (one poem is titled "windsong") by Margaret Wise Brown (2001)



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