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Thanksgiving Storytime

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Thanksgiving Storytime



all songs, fingerplays, and ideas are used for educational purposes only and not for profit.

Where possible, authors are noted.



Save recycled newspaper - crumple and make a large "leaf" pile in center of room. Have children take turns jumping into pile then all help put recycled newspaper back into garbage bags to be recycled.




Coloring page Turkey - add paper "feathers" to make a paper collage turkey. Or, glue on real feathers.


Option #2

Make headbands out of different colors of construction paper and have the children glue on feathers. Wait until they are done gluing to 

fit the headband to the child's head, then take the head band off and staple together to complete.

Option #3

Using paper plates, glue different colored strips of paper or tissue paper in a fan pattern to create the main part of the turkey. Then, add a large peanut shape for the turkey body in brown or black and add googly eyes and a small piece of red for the turkey's wattle. 


Songs and Fingerplays



The Turkey Ran Away (to the tune of the farmer in the dell)

The turkey ran away

before thanksgiving day

He said they'll make a roast of me

If I decide to stay


The cranberry ran away

before thanksgiving day

He said they'll make a sauce of me

If I decide to stay


The pumpkin ran away

before thanksgiving day

He said they'll make a pie of me

if I decide to stay.


This can also be a feltboard story with a turkey, a cooked turkey on a platter, a cranberry bush, a jar of cranberry sauce, a pumpking and a piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.



Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes

What is Thanksgiving? by

5 Silly Turkeys

Leaves by Ezra Stein

Thanksgiving Cats

Run, Turkey, Run!

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