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Pizza Storytime

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Pizza Storytime


all songs, fingerplays, and ideas are used for educational purposes only and not for profit.

Where possible, authors are noted.



Pizza, pizza, pizza!

(tune: peanut butter and jelly)


Pizza, pizza, pizza with cheese!

Pizza, pizza, pizza with cheese!

(repeat chorus after each of the following verses)

First you take the dough and you knead it,

You knead it, you knead it, knead it, knead it. Singing...


Next you take the dough and you throw it,

You catch it, you throw it up high, singing....


Then you take the sauce and you spread it,

You spread it, you spread it on the pizza, singing....


Then you take the cheese and you sprinkle it,

You sprinkle it, you sprinkle it on the pizza, singing....


Next you take the toppings and you plunk 'em,

You plunk 'em, you plunk 'em on the pizza, singing....


Then you take the pizza and you bake it,

You bake it, you bake it in the oven, singing...


And when the pizza's done you eat it!

Yum, yum!



Pizza Man, Pizza Man, turn around

Pizza man, pizza man, touch the ground

Pizza man, pizza man, give the dough a toss

Pizza man, pizza man, ladle on the sauce.

Pizza man, pizza man, sprinkle the cheese,

Pizza man, pizza man, shake your bootie.



A PIZZA the size of the SUN

I'm making a pizza the size of the sun,

A pizza that's sure to weigh more than a ton.

A pizza too massive to pick up and toss,

A pizza resplendent with oceans of sauce.


I'm topping my pizza with mountains of cheese,

With acres of peppers, pimentos, and peas.

With mushrooms, tomatoes, and sausage galore,

With every last olive they had at the store.


My pizza is sure to be one of a kind,

My pizza will leave other pizzas behind,

My pizza will be a delectable treat

That all who love pizza are welcome to eat.


The oven is hot, I believe it will take

A year and a half for my pizza to bake.

I hardly can wait till my pizza is done,

My wonderful pizza the size of the sun.

                    -Jack Prelutsky


Flannelboard idea:

Make a large circle of felt (white or cream) for the pizza and a slightly smaller felt circle(red) for the sauce. Then cut out flannel/felt pieces of the different toppings for the cheese, small yellow and white rectangles for cheese, little green and black olives, white mushrooms, red circles for tomatoes, little brown pieces for sausage and small green pieces for pimentos. I hand out the pieces and have the children come up and put the toppings on as I read the poem (Jack Prelutsky's "A Pizza the Size of the SUN").



Curious George and the Pizza

Pizza Pat by Rita Golden Gelman (1999)

Sam's Pizza by David Pelham (1996) (Popup book)

The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philemon Sturges (1999)

Pizza at Sally's by Monica Wellington (2006)

Pizza Party by Grace Maccarone (1994)



Using white paper plates make pizza. The kids can color in the red sauce with markers and then glue on short pieces of yellow yarn and precut toppings made out of paper.


Coloring page:






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