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Ocean Storytime

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Ocean Storytime



The deep blue sea by Audrey Woods

Way down deep in the deep blue sea by Jan Peck (2003)



Jellyfish Coffee Filter Craft

from http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mjellyfish.html

materials: coffee filter, clear plastic cup, markers or pens, tissue paper (or wool/string), clear tape


Leave the coffee filter intact and colour with pens, wet and then dry as for the coffee filter fish

thread some string through the base of a plastic cup so it hangs upside down, then thread the string through the base of the coffee filter so it hangs upside down over & hiding the cup.

Cut long thin streamers of tissue paper(or use yarn or string) and stick around the base of the cup and coffee filter to make the tentacles.


Starfish craft:

Draw a starfish shape on blue paper. Cut out and have children glue dry oatmeal to the starfish, Let dry, then remove excess.

See also Fishing Storytime fishing storytime and Seashells Storytime for more activity ideas

seashells coloring page:




Two rainbow fish (sung to the tune of three blind mice) from www.angelfire.com

Two rainbow fish,

two rainbow fish

See how they swim

see how they swim

Their tails go left and their tails go right

Their beautiful colors are quite a sight

Did you ever see such a sight so bright

as two rainbow fish?


Five little fish flannelboard from www.angelfire.com

(Cut five fish shapes out of felt and place on your flannelboard - "catch" each one as you say the rhyme)

Five little fish, swimming by the shore

One got caught, and then there were four

Four little fish, swimming in the sea

One got caught and then there were three

Three little fish, swimming in the blue

One got caught and then there were two

Two little fish, swimming in the sun

One got caught, and then there was one

One little fish, swimming for home

Decided it was best to never roam


Five little fishes swimming in the sea (similar to five little monkeys chant)

Teasing mr. Shark

You can't catch me you can't catch me

Along comes Mr. Shark as quiet as can be...


Four little fishes swimming in the sea

(continue until there are no fish left)

No little fishes swimming in the sea.


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