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Bubbles and Bath Time

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Bubbles and Bath Time Storytime


all songs, fingerplays, and ideas are used for educational purposes only and not for profit.

Where possible, authors are noted.


Homemade bubbles are always fun to make and play with! The simplest bubbles are made with liquid dish soap and water. A wand can be made from a pipe cleaner or stiff piece of wire. If you can, take the storytime kids outside and have fun blowing bubbles.


Take bubblewrap and have the kids take turns jumping on it and "popping the bubbles"


Bubble Recipes:

2/3 cup Joy dishwashing soap

1 gallon water

2-3 tablespoons of glycerine (may be found with cake decorating or spice items)


Bubble Solution:

3 cups water

1 cup liquid soap (baby bath or baby shampoo)

1 teaspoon sugar


Long-lasting bubbles

3/4 cup liquid soap

1/4 cup glycerin

2 qt. tap water

Mix well.


Bubble recipes:

2 tblsps. dish soap

1 cup water


2 tblsps. corn syrup 

1 cup water


1 cup liquid tempera paint

2 tblsps. dish detergent

1 tblsp. liquid starch


Super Duper Bubbles Recipe

Bubble Necklace Idea

Giant Bubbles

Different Bubble Recipes and Bubble Craft Ideas


Bubbles Coloring Page



Busy Busy Mouse by Virginia Kroll

Bubble Trouble by Stephen Krensky

Bubble Bath Pirates by Jarrett Krosoczka

Bubbles Books



Sudsy Soap Balls

Craft Project Directions

To make this project you will need Ivory Snow flakes, water, food coloring (to make your soap ball all sorts of pretty colors!), and a bowl. Put three scoops of soap flakes in your bowl. Now select a color to make your soap balls and add that color food coloring and two tablespoons of water to the soap flakes. Stir constantly until the mixture gets thick enough so that you can form balls with your hands. Try to make other shapes and use other colors!

- from the bestkidsbooksite.com

Slippery Soap Paper Craft

(A blue's clues character is "slippery soap")

I cut the template out with felt and then had the kids decorate their "felt" soap with stickers and markers.


More Bath storytime ideas

Ideas for "Bathtime Magic For Kids"


Coloring page "Grover taking bath"



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