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Bats Storytime

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Bats Storytime

all songs, fingerplays, and ideas are used for educational purposes only and not for profit.

Where possible, authors are noted.


Show pictures of different bats and talk about what makes them different. (Size, nose, etc.)


T.P. tube bats

cover toilet paper tubes with black construction paper. Have the children glue or tape on pre-cut wings, feet, and face.


Face Masks

Cut out face masks for around the eyes and have the children color them or glue feathers to them. Use elastic or yarn to hold onto their faces. 



Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies

Bats at the Library by Brian Lies (2008)

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon (1993)

Time to sleep by Denise Fleming (1997) 



Five Little Bats on a Dark Night

Five little bats on a dark, dark night.

Five little bats are quite a sight.

Five little bats. Are you keeping score?

One flies away and that leaves four.

Four little bats as happy as can be.

One flies away and that leaves three.

Three little bats swooping to and fro.

One flies away and that leaves two.

Two little bats having lots of fun.

One flies away and that leaves one.

One little bat and we're almost done!

He flies away and that leaves none. (from bats are beautiful - adapted from a folk rhyme)

(Hole up five fingers. Fly your hand away with a flapping motion and hide it behind your back each time a bat flies away. Bring your hand back with one less finger each time.)

Five Furry Bats

Five furry bats were flying by the moon,

Did you know, said the first,

Halloween is coming soon?

There'll be ghosts! said the second,

Floating everywhere!

And witches, said the third,

with long purple hair.

There'll be goblins, said the fourth,

and monsters so I'm told.

Awesome! said the fifth,

Come on, let's go!

Five furry bats flew off out of sight,

And they will all return on Halloween night.

(From Bats are Beautiful)


Five Little Bats

Five little bats sitting on a gate.

First one said, Oh my, it's getting late.

Second one said, There are mosquitoes in the air.

Third one said, Let's eat them up right here.

Fourth one said, I'm ready for some fun!

Fifth one said, Let's flap and run and run.

Then Whooo-ooo went the wind and out went the light,

And the five little bats flew off in the night.

(Hold up five fingers - point to each finger in turn)

(Clap hands together on "out")

(Hook thumbs together and make flapping motion for bats flying away)



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