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Alligator-Crocodile Storytime

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Alligator or Crocodile Storytime


all songs, fingerplays, and ideas are used for educational purposes only and not for profit.

Where possible, authors are noted.


Songs and Fingerplays:


Words and Actions to "Teasing Mr. Crocodile"

Five little monkeys

Sitting in a Tree

teasing Mr. Crocodile

You can't catch me

You can't catch me!

Along comes Mr. Crocodile

Slow as can be.... SNAP!!

Alternative: (after "Along comes Mr. Crocodile, quiet as can be and... SNAP!" shout "Run, Monkey, run! and slap your legs to make running sounds. For last verse, "One little monkey, sitting in a tree, and one Mr. Crocodile, hungry as can be" (and rub your tummies)

-Marisa E. Glaviano



Row, row row your boat

Gently down the stream

If you see a crocodile

Don't forget to scream!



Words and Sheet Music to "The Crocodile"


Words to "Alligator Pie" (and other rhymes)

Alligator pie, alligator pie

If I don't get some

I think I'm gonna cry.

Take away the green grass

Take away the sky

But don't take away

My alligator pie.



Here's a Little Crocodile

He'll give you smiles for free

But if he gets too close to you

He'll gobble up your knee!


Here's a Little Crocodile

He's moving through the sand

But if he gets too close to you

He'll gobble up your hand!

(first verse by Janice Dawe)



Alligator Alligator (Make your arms into big jaws that open and close and do a clapping rhyme with your hands)

Long and Green

Alligator Alligator

Teeth so mean

Snapping at a fly (pretend to snap your jaws)

Snapping at a bee (pretend to snap)

Snapping at a frog (Pretend to snap)

but you can't catch me! (jump back)



Said a very l-o-n-g crocodile,

"My length is a terrible trial!

I know I should diet,

But each time I try it,

I'm hungry for more than a mile!"

-Lilian Moore



Here is his mirror, here is his drill,

Here is his briefcase, here is his bill.

Here are his boots on the riverbanks,

So, where di the crocodile's dentist go?

-Richard Edwards, Moon Frog



(Use with five felt crocodiles on the flannelboard)


One little alligator swimming in a pool;

Another comes along and now there are two.


Two little alligators swimming by a tree;

Another comes along and now there are three.


Three little alligators swimming near the shore;

Another comes along and now there are four


Four little alligators swim, splash, and dive.

Another comes along and now there are five


Five little alligators having lots of fun;

Mama calls, "It's time for bed!" and now there are none!

-Chris Lemieux


Puppet skit:

Here is the crocodile lying on the log. (arms crossed in front of your chest -- crocodile puppet lying on top)


Down in the water, he sees a frog. (frog puppet on bottom hand -- let him go "swimming" underneath)


In goes the crocodile. (Crocodile dives in) Round goes the log. (arms roll) And splash goes the water! (arms move out like splash) Away swims the frog. (frog swims away)

-Lynne Holloway


Mr. Alligator

Here's Mr. Alligator

sittin' on a log

down by the pool

he sees a little frog

in jumps the alligator,

around goes the log

Splash goes the water!

and away goes the log


Hand motions:

put one arm, bent at elbow, across the front of your body. Lay your second arm, with fingers out straight, on top. (Mr. Alligator lying on a log). Make a circle in front of your body, fingers touching (a pool); with arms still bent into a circle, pop your thumb up and wiggle it (little frog) Keep one arm in a circle while the other arm (hand first) goes up and then into the pond (in jumps the alligator). With arms bent at elbow again, rotate them around each other (around goes the log) Throw your hands up and out to the side (splash goes the water) Hope your thumb away from you (away goes frog).



Pill & Peter by Tomie De Paola

The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl (this is a Chapter Book)

The Lyle books by Richard Waber

The Lady with the Alligator Purse Nadine Bernard Westcott (chubby book-boardbook) (1998)

Counting Crocodiles by Judy Sierra (1997)

What time is it Mr. Crocodile? by Judy Sierra (2004)

Ten little Crocodiles by Colin West (1997)

I'd really like to each a child by Sylviane Donnio (2007)

Clarabella's Teeth by Vrombaut

The Enormous Egg by Leo Lionni

Snip Snap! What's that? by Mara Bergman

Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson



The Flannel Board Storytelling Book by Judy Sierra (includes "A bridge of Crocodiles" and "Monkey and the Crocodile")


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